Energy Shift

Energy Shift is a one-person small business owned and operated by Phil Robison (me!).Photo of Phil

I am a licensed massage therapist with lots of specialty training.  I do a combination of light touch bodywork and energetic healing to help people feel better.  I know that each person has a huge capacity for self-healing, and my job is to help clients access that natural ability.

I hold Diplomate (highest level) certification in CranioSacral Therapy (CST) through the Upledger Institute.  I have been practicing CST for over 20 years.  I am also a certified Body Talk practitioner, a Reiki master, and practice numerous other bodywork modalities, including Neural Manipulation,
Lymph Drainage, Quantum Touch, Matrix Energetics, and Reconnective Healing.

In my spare time I am an enthusiastic Argentine tango dancer and instructor, and also play the bandoneon (tango's complicated version of the button accordion).  

You can reach me at 406-443-6299.